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Cats and Dogs Ch. 1 and 2
Chapter One
Lillian Rose Hall was walking through the hallways of school when she felt so frusterated she could bang her shapeshifting head against a locker. It was the first day of school and she couldn't find her class at East
Night-timetown High School. She was in tenth grade and she was used to the stares the humans gave her. She usually wore ugly clothes. But today she was wearing a dark blue halter top and a light blue skirt with white tennis shoes the put rhinestone "L"'s on. She was a shapeshifter who changed into a cat. It was very easy. She had been doing it for so long. When she was about three months old, she turned into a cat in the middle of the mall and lots of people saw. Then her and her parents had to move to a different location every year. For tenth grade, she was here. And "here" was a bording school. Which meant she had to live there. Until she moved or graduated. She would probably move first. At least she wasn't late to her next class. The teacher filled out Lil
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Chibi Alice Cullen by mrscullenblack1 Chibi Alice Cullen :iconmrscullenblack1:mrscullenblack1 0 0 Handwriting MeMe by mrscullenblack1 Handwriting MeMe :iconmrscullenblack1:mrscullenblack1 0 3 Team Jacob Collage by mrscullenblack1 Team Jacob Collage :iconmrscullenblack1:mrscullenblack1 0 3
Insanely Normal Chapter One
"Les! Come here! I wanted to ask you something!" Jake called to me. I'm Les. My real name is Lesley Jamie Vardez but people call me Les. It's short for Lesley. I stopped and turned around. He caught up with me and just stood there for a moment. "I wanted to ask you... WillYouGoOutWithMeTonight?" He asked all in one breath. The boy I like just asked me out. "Yes!" I said a little too eagerly. "Around, sevenish?" He asked. "Better make that four-ish. I want to go out as soon as possible." "Yeah." I responded. When I got home I spent the whole two hours I was home getting ready. I decided on sparkly jeans and a tube top. I always wore that kind of stuff. When I was picking out my shoes, I heard a honk outside. It was probably Jake ready for our date. I looked out my window. It was dad. So I picked out some red shoes and swept my long, straight, bleach blonde hair behind my back. My blonde hair was a very good match with my tanned skin. Then I got some earrings and a necklace. I brushed my
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The Cullens Are Eight.
Emmett threw sand in Jacob's face. Jacob started to cry. "Your mean Emmett!" Jacob screamed. So natrally Rosalie got all defensive and called Jacob a poopypants. "That was one time!!!!!!!" Jacob yelled back. "Your little boyfriend got sand in my face!" So then Alice stuck her tongue out and Jacob screamed at her. Jasper appeared behind him and said "BOO!" Jacob screamed,terrified and everyone laughed. Then the wolfpack came and Paul got all in Jasper's face. Jasper kicked him and ran behind Bella. But Bella was already in a huge fight with Leah. Leah scrached Bella's arm hard with her long nails and Bella screamed, so Jasper hid behind a tree. Then Emmett got all in Sam's face and pushed him down. Sam fell and Jasper came out and kicked sand in his face. Sam got up and pushed Jasper. Jasper cried. Edward was fighting Jacob and neither of them was winning. Edward punched Jacob and Jacob was trying to bite Edward. Mike, Eric, Ben, and Tyler were betting on which one of them would win.
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Renesmees little nudger Ch. 4
"Jacob, come over here and feel them kicking!" I said, quietly because Carlisle told me not to use up all of my energy, but knowing he would hear me. Jacob glided over in one step and came over to the couch to feel. "Wow." he breathed. "I love them already." I was laying there on the couch and they kicked extra hard. "How long do you think you have?" Jake asked. "About two days." I said.
"You know you might not live through this." Jacob said in a tone that sounded so scared it scared even me. It made the possibility of dying seem more natural, more like it was placing the natural order of things in perfect order, like all the world revolving depended on it.
"I know. And like you said, I already love them too." I said.
And then he kissed me. It was a kiss that might mean kissing goodbye, or kissing when you both know about the inevitable death that is to come but neither of you care. Then I fell asleep. I dreamed that I was on the edge of the ocean, holding my babies in a basket and the
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Renesmee's Little Nudger Ch 3
I had to have my baby girl. Even if I had to let Carlisle do tests. Which he did. He tried an ultrasound even though mom's ultrasound with me didn't work and it turned out to be twins! Then I started brainstorming names. "How about Chloe and Chase. Or Zack and Zoe. Or Mickaelah and Michael. Or Aymee and Ash. Or April and Aaron! Or Jamie and James. Or-" I had to choke off. Alice was at my side with the bucket quickly. And Jacob was there a little bit slower with my toothbrush. "You know Jake, you don't have to rush to her with a toothbrush every time she pukes." Rose said. "But I want to brush my teeth a lot. It feels gross if I don't." I said. "How do you know it's gonna be a boy and a girl?" Mom said. The ultrasonic image didn't show that. So I just assumed. "Okay so how about Mikaelah and Maddeline. Or Jamie and Jessica. Or Jamie and Jackie. Or Mickaelah and Jamie. Yeah. Or Jamie and Lesley. Or Leslie. They don't have to start with the same letter." I said. "What if they're both boys
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Renesmee's Little Nudger Ch 2
When we got back to the house and I could breathe again, I told Jacob that something kicked me from inside. We went into the bathroom and checked it out. There was already a purple bruise on my stomach. But what shocked me more than that was the bump. It was small but defined between my tiny hips. I called mom and told her very slowly that I was pregnant. "It only took seventeen days for me to get pregnant." She said. "But you should still come home. I will send someone for you." So me and Jacob waited for the plane to come for us. Mom said it would land right in front of the house. When it finally came, Jacob got on first to help me up. The pilot handed me a bucket. "Your sister said you might need this." He said. "She said you get plane sick." So that's what mom told him. My sister. And plane sick. On the long flight home I puked fourteen times. And Jacob had my toothbrush every time. He knew I would want to brush my teeth. When the plane landed in front of the cottage I asked mom wh
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Renesmee's Little Nudger Ch 1
We were walking down the beach talking to mom on the phone at Isle Esme. I was playing with my wedding ring while my Jacob held the phone on speakerphone. It was two months after the wedding. "Mom I want to live here forev-" And then I felt two hard kicks from inside me. "Nessie what's wrong?" Mom asked concerned. I was gasping for air. The kick knocked my breath out. I was still trying to breathe when we got home.
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